Colloidal Silver Controller

Make low cost Colloidal Silver at home with this easy-to-use, 240v plug-in generator.

My wife recently bought a Colloidal Silver Generator from Health House here in NZ. It is simple to use but requires some attention. We make 1 litre a time in a “quart” preserving jar. Basically our brew needs a get-going period followed by several electrode reversals. The electrodes are wiped clean with a paper towel between cycles. What a great opportunity for me to semi-automate this process! I chose an ESP8266 product and used a Wemos D1 Mini 4MB from Banggood. It grabs its power from the generator supply using a buck converter to give 5V supply. A dual relay board to switch the polarity of the electrodes. There is also a Buzzer Module an LED indicator and a push button. During operation status information is given.

  • short beep at 1 minute intervals – waiting for fizz
  • led flashes at 1 second intervals shows cycle number
  • short beep and led flash at 1 second intervals – clean electrodes then press button
  • led flash continuous 1 second ON and 1 second OFF when complete
Bill Of Materials
  • Wemos D1 Mini
  • Buck converter
  • Dual relay board
  • Buzzer module
  • LED indicator
  • SPST momentary push on switch
  • 2 pair 4mm banana plug
  • 2 pair 4mm banana socket
  • Plastic project box

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