CRAP the most important file on my system!

I often need to temporary create a file or folder when I am working on my computer. Often I forget to delete this work when I have finished using it. Last Century I devised a method to eliminate this clutter. It has saved me having to review thousands of useless files. This file or folder is named CRAP, crap.jpg, crap.txt, crap.js, crap.whatever. I allow uppercase or lowercase. I allow longer crap names like crap1 or crap.spreadsheet. From time to time I search my system for files matching crap*.* and delete them as per the rules below.

Crap Rules

Rule 1: When you see a crap file or folder NEVER OPEN IT.
Rule 2: When you see a crap file or folder DELETE IT.

I chose crap because it is short and easy to remember. It also doesn’t often crop up naturally in filenames from other sources. You may have another name or acronym that appeals to you. Start using it today and enjoy the extra hours I offer you in 2019 and beyond.

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