Hello world, here I come

I am working on smart home projects for my house using ESP8266, nRF24L01, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.! So far I have a working MQTT server and an ESP-01 attached to my panfan which gives me local weather stats and will start background audio/music/sea-sounds in adjacent rooms to eliminate embarrassment of the current bathroom user. I have a package due tomorrow from Adafruit to help with this. I also want it to let me know my upcoming appointments from Google Calendar.

My second MQTT device is a Wemos D1 Mini Pro board from Banggood that is (almost) controlling and monitoring my double door steel garage located apart from the house. WiFi is poor inside the garage so I will mount the electronics box on the inside of the steel panelling  and use an external elbow rod antenna.

My next project will use an nRF24L01 and an Arduino to link a solar powered infrared beam detector across my driveway 100 metres from my house to the MQTT broker.

It will be configured to transfer real-time interrupt messages so that vehicles, people or stray animals may be identified. I have this triggered from a IR detector so the beam only activates (using power) when something is near. This saves heaps of 24/7 beam energy (45 mA).10pcs Alarm system Waterproof Single Infrared Beam sensor 10m range Photoelectric Infrared Barrier Detector gate photocell(China (Mainland))

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