One-time Cat Feeder


I knocked up this quick & dirty solution just before leaving my cat for a weekend away. Ashly (cat) is quite happy with us going away for a few days AFAIK but is now geriatric and on thyroid medication so I decided to address this. I needed a wooden box with a lid I could hinge so I used an old drawer I was throwing out. I sawed a couple of cuts in the back, drilled holes and used cut-off nails for hinge pins. I pulled out a 12V solenoid from my parts box and bent up a bracket to mount this on. I just used my bench power supply for a 12V supply. The flap is vertical so needed a spring to ensure it opened. Only trampoline springs in my spring box!! Ball point pen spring considered, finally remembered a couple of neodymium magnets I have so I mounted these with cable straps so they repelled each other and this works a treat! Finally, the brains; a Sonoff S20 WiFi wall socket with a timer setting on E-Welink on my phone to turn on the power supply at feed time and another a minute later to turn it off. Tested it through a cycle then loaded it with food and medication and shot off for a weekend family reunion. It was weighed down with a pot plant (anti-cat tamper) on an outside table in a covered veranda along side his bed and water. Ashly would be very aware of it because it had no baseboard and the wet food smell would be emanating.

I can actually control those wall switches from my mobile phone but had not previously tried that before so did it the timer way. Got home Sunday, bingo! Evidence of cat pig-out and most food gone.

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